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Whether you are looking for fit recommendations or a professional stylist consultant, chat directly with our in-store staff 1-on-1 right here.

The Brim


If you’re completely new to hats, our stylist will walk you through all the basics, including how to find your fit, basic hat vocabulary, our entire range of core blocks and how each will fit, and practical styling advice.


Need some quick sizing help or just curious about how a different shape would fit? Our stylist can quickly assess your proper size and proportions and advise your best fit.

follow up

Once your hat arrives, your stylist will help determine the proper fit. If it’s not perfect? Our no-hassle returns and exchanges w give you the peace of mind to feel confident to find the hat that works for you, whether if it’s your first or your tenth.

white glove

We know your favorite styles and can give you previews of new arrivals before they hit the website to find your next favorite shape. Have a special event up-coming? Want to buy a hat for a gift? Our stylists can take care of everything.

Hat Pros

My name is Alex Mroz, I’m the Senior Stylist of our Virtual Program at Goorin Bros. I’m a ten year veteran of our Hat Shops, so I know a thing or two about finding you a hat face to face, whether in person or via a video screen.

Wherever you are in your hat wardrobe journey, whether you’re completely new to hats, a handful of hats deep, or a serious collector that wants a personal shopper, I customize each virtual appointment to what YOU need. I am your personal hat stylist.


Billy The Kid:

“I’m going to forewarn you- I have a huge crush on all Block #8 shapes. The Billy the Kid is that black hat you didn’t know you needed. This will be my nighttime hat when I’m trying to make an entrance.”

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Night Hawk

“ This hat is my workhorse- when I’m about to leave the house and I’m not sure what hat to wear, this is my safe bet, time and time again. From a simple tee shirt and jeans to tailored and done up, this works, no fuss. Trust it.”

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Benjamin Paul:

”This hat is like a three pack of white t-shirts or canvas shoes- I buy one every Spring and wear the hell out of it, and you should too. Easy and dependable and a part of every Spring & Summer. “

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The Stylist

Choose from a quick chat with a live stylist, or a longer, more curated one0on-one video appointment via Zoom. We can help you anywhere, from on your lunch break at the office to the comfort of your home. Whether a quick 5 minutes or a full hour, we help you with whatever you need to get hatted the right way.

This is the entryway to all things Goorin Bros hats. We start with finding your size, and then our stylist will get your information to help recommend shapes and fit that will look good with your unique body type. We then walk you through the shape categories that you’re interested in. For Fedoras, a step-by-step introduction to all of our core blocks and a quick understanding of what makes them different and how they will fit, feel and look on you. From there we make personal recommendations based off your lifestyle.

There is no need to guess on size ever again. We help you make the best decision on what size you should add in your cart BEFORE you checkout. And we can assess the fit and shape after you receive your hat with a virtual unboxing, so you have the confidence that you chose the right hat in the correct size. Have a Goorin hat that fits you great and interested in trying a new shape? We can quickly explain how it compares or differs to what you already own.

Our stylists can keep your favorites list and give you an early heads up on new styles BEFORE they go live. We can also help you hunt down limited releases and get you access to VIP events and drops. We do the shopping for you.

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Austin, TX

“I really appreciated all the knowledge and info Alex shared during our appointment. A+ Customer service experience, can't say enough good things about the service provided! I am stoked on my new hat!


Austin, TX

“I've purchased hats at the San Diego, Seattle, Austin, Las Vegas, and both San Francisco locations. This was my first online experience with a Stylist and it was great too. I really appreciate your effort. Thank you so much!


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